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Podcastinator Genisys

Our new and 4th of July themed #podcast titled "Podcastinator: Genisys is up! This week we have a full #review for the new #Terminator film out now, its 5th installment to the franchise Genisys. In our #TV Time segment we also have spoiler free reviews of True Detectiv's last two episodes, plus reviews for new show premiers of #AMC's #Humans and #CBS show #Zoo. We also wanted to remind everyone that Shark Week is inexplicably going on this week. Lots of action in our #Trailer time sections as we discuss new #trailers for #Creed which is bringing #Rocky out of retirement, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Cam is making its return in TV show form on #Netflix, things get a bit emotional when talking about the trailer for new documentary I am Chris Farley. Also talk The Death of Superman Lives in the documentary realm and many others. Plus we get goofy and make fun of Ted Cruz and his horrible #Simpsons impressions, get amused by #NicCage and Game of Thrones crossing paths, Chris Prat picks a winner of his viral sensation going on and we are still in awe of #JurassicWorld's Box Office power and Jason Statha's Jason's Steakums. All this and so much more are ready for your ear buds so click the link and come join us THE weekly podcast for all things Nerd-o-licious and enjoy the show.